From Spotify Artist Ananta Govinda Listen to the amazing album: Soldier of Love

Soldier Of Love, the latest album release by immersive musician Ananta Govinda, draws the artist’s emblemic cosmic ambience down to the battlefields of Earth. A creation of breathtaking authenticity dispelling the harsh boundaries of what ‘makes’ an album, Soldier Of Love embodies a trance-like journey through sound, refining Ananta’s trademark sonic aesthetic – each emerging track a hypnotic continuation of themes raised within the last.

Ananta’s luxurious glaze of industrial and intergalactically inspired EDM wrests the tepid normality from ambient soundscapes. Spreading wings through innumerable genres, Soldier of Love balances soul-gripping suspense, innovative immersion, tactical disorientation and transformational clarity on a knife’s edge, enlisting the hypnotic energy of marching drums to stabilise its ever-evolving dimensions of sound.

Released on August 1, 2023 and featuring the tracks, “Soldier of Love,” “Base of Fire,” “Instrumental Advance,” “Ambient Troops,” and “Zone of Peace,” Soldier Of Love spirals a central, meditative melodic motif reflecting both darkness and tranquility with each fluxing instrumental interpretation; the wandering of cosmic souls striving for truthful compassion amid internal warfare. With orchestral strings puncturing dense atmospheres, dance vocals seeping a post-midnight club ambience and a sleek fusion of cosmic aviation effects with gutturally distorted guitar riffs, Ananta’s soft underlying ambience builds an ark through which we traverse his mutating ocean of sound in awe.


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