“ Flying Fantasy ” by SINASOUND

A rhytmic yet smooth and dreamy song in the genre of New Age, R&B and Trap based on the theme of Forest. The motivational and empowering lyric is the story of a butterfly who leaves its cocoon and enjoys the freedom through a flight to high hopes. The song consists of two parts which share the same melody while differ in lyric. 

The first part introduces the start of this journey where the fearless butterfly describes the ‘eclosion’, the joy of freedom from the cage and the ambition for flying high to the greatness. This is followed by the chorus which denies the idea of this journey being a ‘Fantasy’ and insists on the realism of this ambitious flight with confidence and bravery. 

The second part reminds us of the challenges ahead of this journey and describes seven concepts as the key to overcome the challenges. These seven concepts in order are Quest, Love, Wisdom, Independence, Unity, Astonishment, and Aspiration. They are each described as a valley to pass by in order to complete this journey of craving.

These seven concepts are heavily inspired by the seven valleys of Spiritual journey in the book of “The Conference of the Birds” by Attar of Nishapur, the 12th-century persian poet and sufi. However, the last concept has been modified from ‘Deprivation, Death, Poverty or Nothingness’ to ‘Aspiration and Life’ since SINASOUND, the lyricist, does not believe in Sufism and being a Dervish. In contrast to Sufism, the lyricist avoids the glorification of ‘poverty and deprivation’ as he finds them an anti-development factor for human and society, and instead replaces the seventh valley with ‘Aspiration’, which is a generic concept that does not necessarily relate to ‘materialism’ but the sense of purification, fullfilment and greatness from the perspective of the listener or reader.

In terms of the music production, composition and arrangement, this was a very challenging project due to the unconventional 7/8 time signature of the song. One of SINASOUND’s main inspirational artist since childhood has been Yanni, the greek composer and pianist, who is also famous for his popular music in 7/8. SINASOUND has always been inspired and amazed by how artistically Yanni composed and arranged such an unconventional rhythm in a way that even non-musician listeners enjoy despite its perceptually difficult rhythmicity. The secret is believed to be ‘Arpeggio’, a composition technique where a chord is broken into series of notes in a progressive rising or descending order. SINASOUND promised himself to compose and produce an arpeggio-based song in 7/8 one day as a tribute to his long-time inspirational artist Yanni, and eventually it turned out to be this song, Flying Fantasy.

SINASOUND believes in modern form for his music, so he chose Trap beat for the rhythm in order to bridge between two different communities of music fans, New Age and R&B. New Age music is typically relaxing, soft and aims to bring about a state of ecstasy rather than trance and therefore it typically attracts middle-age listeners, whereas R&B and especially Trap are known to be usually intense in rhythm and dominantly popular among the youths. This production aimed to satisfy both groups of youth and middle-age by using a New Age atmosphere on a Trap beat with a R&B style of singing. The music starts as a pure New Age and ends with a pure Trap beat while the entire song in between the intro and outro stays both New Age and Trap in parallel with the elegant use of electric guitar, piano and native American flute. It has been the most challenging project to produce for SINASOUND, yet novel to listen. 

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