“ Flow ” by WILHVLM

JPhilipps and WILHVLM have been collaborating as DJs and Producers for over 5 years since meeting in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

João Phelippe, known as JPhilipps, is a respected Brazilian Carioca Producer in the electronic music scene. He’s signed to Italy’s AMAZING RECORDS label and endorsed by notable artists like Sam Paganini, Luca Morris, Pig & Dan, Umek, Stefano Noferini, and Luigi Madonna. JPhilipps gained international recognition, especially in Europe, with support from Richie Hawtin and Minicoolboyz. His “Hard Sexy Success EP” propelled him to the top DJ ranks, and his tracks received widespread play by influential DJs such as Karotte, Pan-Pot, Dubfire, Ambivalent, and Richie Hawtin. In 2012, he released his debut vinyl, the “Samba Future LP,” which featured four tracks that reached the Top 18 in the techno charts on juno Vinyls.

WILHVLM, also known as WLHM, is an Australian DJ and executive producer specializing in Tech House and Techno music. He has a multicultural background with Chilean heritage and splits his time between Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. WILHVLM is recognized for collaborating with both emerging and established producers in the Tech House and Techno genres. He founded Ipanema Records (focused on Techno) and is a co-founder of Código56 Records (focused on Tech House).

In 2020, WILHVLM made the strategic move to Amsterdam, Netherlands, aiming to enhance his music production and reach a broader European audience. His DJ career traces back to the 90s when he started in the Sydney Techno scene. Over time, his style has evolved to incorporate tropical and sensual sounds, shaped by his five-year experience living in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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