FIRST TIME HEARING | Pentatonix – Can't Maintain Us:

djentlee Reacts to Pentatonix – Cannot Maintain Us! It is cool to see them doing one other style! Do you agree with my ideas on this cowl?

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FIRST TIME HEARING | Pentatonix – Cannot Maintain Us: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Cowl (REACTION)
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46 thoughts on “FIRST TIME HEARING | Pentatonix – Can't Maintain Us:

  1. tali geoghan says:

    I have a suggestion…"Imagine" by Pentatonix…so BEAUTIFUL!!! Definitely a must listen for me everyday, Their music just makes me HAPPY…i cant describe it!! GREAT reaction AGAIN!!! ALSO come onnnnn people how is this wonderful man only at like 5k subs??? He is awesome!! Share his stuff with everyone and get them to sub!!! Keep smiling gorgeous and stay safe and healthy <3

  2. RLH CAT says:

    Great reaction! Another of my favorites where they rap is PTX Thrift Shop. It's an early video, and the rapping and the harmonies are amazing. Scott (tall blonde guy) and Mitch (high tenor) have a separate channel Superfruit, and they did a couple of videos called Hip Hop Goes Broadway 1 & 2, which are really fun. The two of them also did a cover of Feeling Myself (Nikki Minaj) where Mitch raps a lot. It would be great to see your reaction to any of those.

  3. Toodamtired says:

    New follower, so don’t know who all you’ve reacted to, so forgive me I=if I’m suggesting something you’ve already seen. If you’re interested in another rabbit hole to fall into, I suggest Home Free. Avi (PTX bass) appears in their “Ring of Fire” video and two other performances that I love are the “In the Blood” cover and “the Butts Remix/medley”. Followed closely by their covers of“Blue Ain’t Your Color” and “All About the Bass”. Lol. It’s hard to choose.

  4. Martyna Kučinskaitė says:

    It’s so great that You’re checking out Pentatonix, I grew up with them and most songs I heard for the first time were actually their covers! They are truly amazing and always surprise You. I agree with some people recommending to check out their original song ”Sing”!

    I also noticed You’ve reacted to a Blackpink song awhile ago and enjoyed the rapping parts and the beat the most. So in Kpop most groups have this balance (that I personally enjoy a lot) of singing and rapping in their songs. There are also great solo rappers and lots of amazing hip hop music in groups too (just trying to say that not all rapping is mixed with super poppy parts in other songs). I’m not a Blink, even though I enjoy Blackpink’s music a lot, but I’m sure their fans suggested You other great songs from this group!
    I personally think You’d really like BTS! They started as a hip hop group and do a lot of other genre songs. I’m an ARMY and could recommend a few songs that are very much focused on rapping and I feel like You would enjoy them a lot! Keep in mind that they are a 7 members group and have 3 rappers, so some songs are full group, some just rap line and some – solo, but it’s all still under the BTS group’s name. Make sure to turn on CC for English subtitles!
    Mic Drop (BTS)
    Hip Hop Lover (or Hippophile) (BTS)
    UGH (rap line)
    Ddaeng (rap line)
    Persona (RM)
    Joke (RM)
    Shadow (SUGA)
    Daechwita (AGUST D aka SUGA)
    Daydream (j-hope)
    Airplane (j-hope)

  5. Jennifer P says:

    Love the Mitch face. He's a countertenor, which means basically the male soprano. If you want to hear more of Mitch's high notes try AHA Singapore star vista, Gold, or Can you feel the love tonight.I've watched a couple different videos where they were just basically messing around and Kirsten has made the comment that he sings too high for her to stay with him.

  6. louella moyer says:

    Love your reactions. BC they are honest and real! Thrift Shop and Sing have rap. Then switch up and check out 90's Dance and New Rules/Are You That Somebody mash up. They do a great beatbox duel…it's good! Thanks.

  7. deathly mockingj says:

    Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is one of my fav songs from them!! Also really loved their performances on the sing-off (there aren't any good quality videos f the performances considering how long ago the show was, but there are still videos if you'd like to watch them!). My fave performance was their final with Florence and the Machines' Dog Days are Over, but honestly, they had some amazing performances on that show!!

  8. Rob Bell says:

    Great reaction. Please check out HALLELUJAH, CHEERLEADER, IMAGINE, and a few of their originals: BE MY EYES, THANK YOU, SING, HAPPY NOW, or anything that Pentatonix does. You'll have a great time, and so will we. Thanks.

  9. Gary XHLC says:

    Pentatonix has a subunit called Superfruit, which is Scott and Mitch; they did a song called "Fantasy", featuring Amber Liu, the rapper from a (effectively though not officially disbanded) Korean kpop group called f(x), in which she does a little singing as well as rapping. Well worth reacting to (even if it opens up the rabbit hole of f(x) and other kpop…)

  10. gothiclady007 says:

    Hi, if you want more acapella groups, try Voiceplay and Home Free. Together with pentatonix they are the holy trinity of acapella 🙂 Home free are mostly country (with great bass Tim Foust), Voiceplay describe themselves as theatre nerds (and they have a phenomenal bass, Geoff Castelluci) and Pentatonix you know 🙂

  11. Sandy Farrow says:

    Great reaction, thank you. If you want to see PTX live you could try AHA at the Star Vista which features Mitch and Avi strongly. New rules/Are you that somebody is great and Matt’s base is showcased and when Christmas comes around again you’ll be spoiled for choice. Their Christmas music is varied and brilliant.

  12. thechomiji says:

    MItch is an excellent mimic as well as a fantastic counter-tenor. There's a video out there where he's apparently having a chat with some squeaking Sharpie markers that he and Scott are using to create some signs. It's wonderfully ridiculous.

  13. corelli2 says:

    I’m binge watching your PTX reactions and they’re great. Just the overall amazement that crosses your face underscores the greatness of this group. Keep them coming.

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