32 thoughts on “Drake ft. JAY-Z "Love All" (Music Video)

  1. N Bc says:

    Oh my God; can anyone believe Sir Sean Carter Jay z is 52 years old;??? He looks 35
    not a day over 36
    Happy Birthday Mr Hova December 5th, 2021
    Love Kerri Chohan
    You should buy the new Mercedes in Miami 🤨

  2. N Bc says:

    It's only 2.5 to 3 million dollars, the colour scheme is a perfect blend of tan and black, it's hybrid and electric, which is not allowed in Canada, don't ask me why & & & you just need it for your birthday present 🎁 it's made for a king of Louis Vuitton stature like you love it ; lv Kerri Chohan

  3. vuyani ngamlana says:

    satan / luminati/Freemason-let me be absolutely clear. You will never become God, or righteous and
    holy or even become God .That prideful lie is Satan's oldest
    temptation.Satan promised Adam and Eve that if they followed his advise,
    ''ye shall be as gods''. This desire to be god shows up every time we
    try to control our circumstances our future and people around us .But as
    Creature we will never ever be the Creator . One answer is that life is
    supposed to be difficult , it's what enables us to grow .Remember earth
    is not heaven .Never forget that life is not about you . You exist for
    God's purposes, not vice versa .Why would God provide heaven and earth
    when he's planned the real thing for you in eternity.Christianity is not
    a religion or a philosophy ,but a relationship and a lifestyle.When
    life is rosy ,we may slide by with knowing about Jesus , with imitating
    him and qounting him and speaking of him .But only in suffering will we
    know Jesus .It's just a temptation become more like satan and we will
    never become God .

  4. Marilyn Cook says:

    I do not want you on my line drake all I have is love I wanted to hate you after laugh now cry later playing with our children.
    Nigga I am hurt hands cuff to tight for a come up.
    I love your wrong .
    I am good fingers tingling neck swollen yeah y'all did enough guess what you have more God see me and knows how overwhelmed and grateful I am from the bs your ass and others are scared to sit a the table with a real woman so keep hacking mocking and make deals with the fraud and youngsters you get on my damn nerves

  5. Hess Logistics says:

    It's not just rich people that gotta get rid of the negative low vibration people in their life ..it's people that's trying to put it together out here that gotta do the same thing… caught a homie I knew for 30 yrs looking at me with hate in his heart ..he didn't know I caught it …

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