“ Divine ” by Steve Deray

Steve Deray is a singer-songwriter from Munich/Germany, where he spent most of his life. He started writing and producing his own songs as a teenager, which, back then, where strongly influenced by the music of the eighties, by bands like a-ha, Depeche Mode, Bryan Ferry, etc.
After graduating from school, he considered to start a music career for a while and went to the States and the UK for several months in order to sort out the possibilities. Although during that time a chance for a contract opened up, he decided to take the secure path and study engineering and continue making music on the side, which did not always work out well, due to lack of time.
Although the newer songs are less dark than the older ones and the influences and music-style have changed significally over the years, there is still a tendency and preference for melodic songs with a slight melancholic touch.

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