“ Discurso ” by WILHVLM

WILHVLM, based in Amsterdam is an established DJ and executive record producer originally from Australia, of Chilean heritage. He has played in Santiago, Sydney, Miami, Ibiza, Amsterdam, and Río de Janeiro. His music and DJ’ing are influenced by leftfield techno, Latin tech house and Baeleric beats. WILHVLM is a regular contributor and host on Ibiza Global Radio and Barcelona City FM.

His music has been released on the following top Tech House labels: Happy Techno, Baikonur, Ole Records, Huambo, Relyt, Vamos Music, Waldlieben Familien, Código56 Records, Safe Music, Strictly Records, Ohana Music, Elephant Cords, Miaw, Arawak Records, Flashmob Records, among many others. In the techno labels he performs and has released under the name of WLHM with Jay’s Records, Ipanema Records and Into The Vein. He also is the co-founder of various labels such as Código56 Records, Ipanema Records, Tatarimokke Records and is actively involved in other ventures in the music industry.

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