“ Critters Have Feelings ” by fluorite kids

fluorite kids is the professional name of emerging independent singer, songwriter, and recording artist Fluorite Marco Barron. He made his first studio-recording with the single “Blonde Hair” which introduced him to 18 Carat Affair. That track introduced a talented lo-fi alternative pop bedroom producer from Northern California with an experimental edge and a psychedelic vibe. Gritty analog samples meter out a hypnotic mid-tempo rhythm on this avant-garde bop.

On the mic, Barron riffs on the song “Who Cleans the Caves?” which shows the deep and distant reverb giving his vocal a haunting and cinematic quality over the track’s organic industrial beat. The prolific producer has connected with fans on tracks like “Walking the Cow” and “Critters Have Feelings”.

fluorite kids’ sound is a wildly creative mix of classic pop melodies and bleeding lo-fi edge indie-pop arrangements and production.

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