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17 thoughts on “Christian Rap | David Robledo – "By no means Give Up" |

  1. Paul Botello says:

    I was molested at the age of 7, I never processed it as a teenager, or even as a young man. I wasn’t raised around role models in the church, my grandma might of had me say the Lord’s prayer once before bed, but nothing much after that. I found the Lord at age 24, and I’m 31 now. My walk with the Lord revealed to me that the moment I chose to never speak of, could very well be responsible for the mentality I developed towards sex, women, perversion, and sexual immoral endeavors, like Pornography. I was always worried what it could mean to my family..he was my Grandmother’s husband, my uncles father, and my mom loved him so much, unconditional love, always so grateful when he offered to help us in any way. I was afraid of speaking the truth, but no more. I told my family of this atrocity that had fallen upon me at such a young age. Although it only happened ONCE, the image remained. But there is no pity necessary here today, yesterday, or tomorrow, for I stand here today Redeemed in Christ Jesus, I stand firm in his Glory, I stand tall in the redemption of my past transgressions. The Lord pulled me away from the worst things about myself, and the more I dove into Christ, the more those things began to fall away, by the sanctity of my Salvation.

    I’m not perfect, but I’m here to speak over any man woman or child today that stood face to face with that DEMON OF PERVERSION, and you walked out of that room, you walked from his or her grasp, you went on to live in confusion, and doubt. For those of us who were too fearful to trust again, too afraid of being taken advantage of, hiding this moment of your foundation of youth, the youth that was intended to learn the ways of the world to carry it into the prime of your life as an adult. I’m here to tell you today, the Lord shall set you free!! The Lord has the last say in your life!! The Lord will redeem he!! The Lord will redeem she!! The Lord our God will TAKE WHAT WAS MEANT TO BREAK YOU, AND HE’LL USE IT TO BUILD YOU UP IN HIS GRACE!! HE HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOUR PAIN!! HE HAS MEANING FOR YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS!!Lean into his word!! Lean into his grace!! Lean into salvation through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!


    Hallelujah!!! 🕊🕊🕊

    Believe he died on the Cross, believe he died for you, believe in the blood that was spilt for you!!

    My name is Paul Botello, and I am a survivor of Child Molestation, and it’s only by God’s love and Grace. There is redemption for you, God has it ready to unleash upon your life, and all you need to do is access through your Faith in him.

    There are no coincidences with Christ our Lord, if you’re reading this now, think of the chances of you being exactly where you were when you read it, how you felt when you read it, TAKE IT ALL IN and give the Glory to God!!

    Thank God you woke up, Thank God for the opportunity to enter this day for his Glory, for his Will!!

    Get rid of the things that made you feel worthless, made you feel abused..they say we can’t fight depression, we can’t fight anxiety, we can’t fight the things that run in our family..but I’m here right now to tell you today, that is a lie told by the enemy, cause I STAND HERE redeemed in Christ, unbound by depression, unbound by anxiety, unbound by the things that consume my family lineage CAUSE I AM REDEEMED AND SET FREE BY GOD!!

    If you were looking for a sign or the next step…this is it!!

    Glory be to God, Hallelujah!!🙏🏽🕊🙏🏽🕊

    If you’ve read this far, God bless you, if you have a few minutes, go check out my music video “AK-Psalms47” on my page.
    I step foot onto the ground where the enemy tried to take my life from me, my childhood home. Join me as I go back to the place I came face to face with the Devil..”The shed with the Lime Green trim”
    Join me, as I take the memories of that land back, and place it at the feet of God.

  2. Vincent Cade says:

    "Never give up on yo faith, Never give up on yo mind, Never give up on yo life, it'll all work out in God's time." Shalawam this is so on time Achi, 🙌🏽 in trouble times. Blessings unto u brotha David u r much appreciated.

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