“ Carmen ” by Monoloquious

Vancouver, BC’s Monoloquious was born from music composer Mark de Monoloq’s passion & engagement with sound design. He spent 3 years experimenting with both hardware & software musical tools before releasing his debut album in 2015.

“I became very attracted to synthesizers – the idea of creating your own instrument from a given set of parameters really intrigued me because there’s no ‘right way’ to play them. It all depends on personal taste, & whatever sounds good in the moment. They can be as melodic & beautiful, or as noisy & dissonant as you want. That freedom and sonic ability has consistently kept me glued & curious.”

Another ‘instrument’ that is used throughout his music is a portable battery-operated pocket microphone.

“I take it with me everywhere. I like recording seemingly random sounds in my day-to-day & giving them new context within a sonic landscape – sequencing them rhythmically, and/or playing them melodically. It brings this natural, organic feeling to the music – something recognizable and often quite complimentary to the electronic counterparts.”

The Monoloquious project is rooted in imagination, reminiscence, and a desire for storytelling using an array of instrumentation.

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