38 thoughts on “CANCEL EMINEM?

  1. the_kidd says:

    I feel like y'all noticed a few people who didn't like his music and just assumed everyone was trying to cancel him. Either that or you just made it up for the sake of this video, because nobody's trying to cancel Eminem😭

  2. Gamingistic says:

    Woah sick rhymes I also support Eminem alot like he is my idol I learned to rap cuz of him I don't support cancel culture but saying it's the whole fault of gen z is wrong too Im not offened I support you fully but pls the generation is not like that

  3. eminem’s future wife says:

    eminem is everything he says whats on his mind. i grew up on him and people saying “cancel eminem” is literally making me embarrassed to even be called “gen z” like grow up its just music and words. get over it.

  4. Popper63 says:

    Use to love Eminem and rap. More of a rock, punk, and metal kind of guy, but this is ridiculous just “cancel” this “cancel” that. Maybe we can “cancel” everything that existed or ceased to exist? Good bars girl tho, fr.

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