“ butterfly ” by ENCOMIA

Socialwhoop.com is excited to present “butterfly”, the latest track from electronic duo ENCOMIA. This release not only marks a new phase in their creative journey but also showcases their unconventional approach to music production.

The creation of “butterfly” is a story filled with surprises. Parts of the vocals were recorded as voice messages on Telegram, and the lyrics/sound were penned during a nocturnal journey on the autobahn. These unique circumstances have infused the track with a special atmosphere and dynamism.

“We sought to capture inspiration wherever it struck us,” say ENCOMIA. “The combination of the night autobahn and spontaneous Telegram recordings became a source of unusual ideas for ‘butterfly’.”

The track combines a deep bassline with a steady drum rhythm, making it a perfect choice for dance floors. However, there’s more behind these elements – a story of creativity born in motion and the spur of the moment.

The main melody of “butterfly” also has its own unique backstory. It came to life in the most unexpected of places – a deserted building, where the artists found themselves surrounded by a fluttering swarm of butterflies. As these creatures danced in the air above, the core melody of the track began to resonate in their minds, blending the surreal ambiance of the setting with the organic rhythm of nature. This spontaneous moment of creativity not only inspired the track’s title but also its pulsating, ethereal sound that captures the essence of an ephemeral, midnight beauty.

“butterfly” is available on all major music platforms from 06.01.2024. We invite everyone to experience this unique musical experiment, where each chord and word is charged with the energy of travel and instantaneous inspiration.

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