“ Blooming ” by VITAL & TravisT

VITAL and TravisT are back again with their third release together over the past two months. ‘Blooming’ is a melancholic sound that is combatted with powerful optimistic verses. Overall the track is an insight into the lives of upcoming artists.

VITAL is an upcoming artist out of Winnipeg, Canada. He has opened up for the likes of bbno$, Smiley, NLE Choppa and more. His local fan base has been pivotal in the early years of his career. With VITAL releasing more and more we are excited to see what the future has in-store for this young prodigy.

TravisT, also from Winnipeg, Canada has been along for every step of the way. With a more melodic and emotion based sound, TravisT enamours his listeners by his powerful writing.

Both of these artists have showed a lot of promise and potential early on in their careers.

Check out ‘Blooming’ and be prepared for more introspective songs from these two.

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