“ Blasting ” by bigbarrell

Bigbarrell is an American hip-hop/rap musician Hip-Hop/Rap born in 1996 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Stephanie Walker and Darrell L Hudson. Born Darrell Hudson, Darrell Hudson – IMDb Bigbarrell – IMDb Bigbarrell’s music career started in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, a neighborhood that largely embraced hip-hop and rap music. The neighborhood’s love for hip-hop and rap music and events provided motivation and a platform that propelled Bigbarrell to greater levels in music. Events he hosted while in high school, such as the High-school Senior Prom where he Dj’ed, thrust him into the limelight, motivating him to pursue hip-hop and rap music through the Bigbarrell Records Label. Currently, Bigbarrell is the owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bigbarrell Records Label and Bigbarrell’s Merchandise Store. bigbarrell – Google Search

Bigbarrell Records Label is a music management, promotion, service extension, and production record company that works with artists and clients to provide, enhance, and promote their visibility in the music industry and market. The company enjoys thousands of Wikipedia, IMDb, Steam Community, and iHeart views, making it an appropriate channel for making local artists more visible in the music industry. Since its inception, Bigbarrell has consistently released music featuring numerous artists to keep its enthusiastic fan base entertained all year round. Bigbarrell’s Record Label music is also timeless and trans-generational. When listening to its songs, one understands that its music is tailored to appeal to different audiences, regardless of age, gender, or any other social construct, including language. Bigbarrell understands that different audiences have varied interests with regard to listening to music.

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