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On this video, me and Lykan showcase what we really feel are the BEST Rappers from Every State within the USA (United States of America)! Thanks for watching and subscribe for extra!

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This video is just like checklist movies reminiscent of: “Greatest Producer Tags in Hip-Hop”, “Greatest Advert libs / Rap Duos in Hip-Hop / Movement Switches in Hip-Hop”, “Hardest Beat Drops in Hip-Hop” , “Rappers Rising in Ability vs Rappers Reducing in Ability” AND different common checklist movies reminiscent of “One Hit Wonders THEN vs Their Music NOW”, “POPULAR SONGS vs LIT CROWDS”, “YOU RAP YOU LOSE / TRY NOT TO RAP”, “Attempt Not To Get Lit”, “Rappers First Music vs Music That Blew Them Up vs Most Well-liked Music” , “Rappers Whose Types Modified The MOST!”, “Rap Hits You Forgot Existed” , “Rappers Most Streamed Songs vs Least Streamed Music”, “Greatest Rapper by Age” and others!

inteNsifyCharts is hip-hop checklist .r like Lykan or Lua Lua, and has made common lists reminiscent of “10 Heartbreaking Rap Lyrics of Our Technology”, “WORLDSTARHIPHOP vs Lyrical Lemonade” “Songs That By no means Get Previous vs Songs That Get Previous Rapidly”, “BEST Rap Hooks of 2018/2019” , “Well-liked Songs/Unique Songs vs Indian Remixes/Lofi Remixes” (Shoutout Zeuz Makes Music / Drip Report). He has additionally been reacted to by KSI, Tommy Craze, Brandon Rashad & ImDontai (REACTION/REVIEW). He is associates with many of the hip-hop youtubers reminiscent of Quadeca, Tommy Craze, Aarons, Patrick CC, Hip-Hop Universe, CDTVProductions, IsaiahThePlayah, NoLifeShaq, Anthony Fantano (theneedledrop) & MORE!


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  1. but aint kendrick from Compton tho?

  2. I'm pretty sure Dabady from NC too

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