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41 thoughts on “AYLA LOST HER HEARING…

  1. Jocelyne Cardona says:

    Biannca I just want u to know that you are one of the most strongest women that I know💞❤and I just want you to know that we are here for you all the way🤞🏽sending prayers your way🙏🏾!!!And I hope Ayla gets better luv y'all💞❤💞its not your fault!!!!!

  2. BeeDoingTheMost says:

    As myself I’m hard of hearing , I’m deaf on ear fully and the other one I can hear with my hearing aid . Your baby will be fine , as long she health and good she will be fine , she will be able hear again once they give her hearing aid if she need or not but good luck and pay gad watch over her

  3. Estrella Matias says:

    Your baby is beautiful and do not let people spread hate and i Love you guys this is just something that God is trying to tell you guys to not be mean and don't spraed hate God bless you

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