Apple far out event what is hidden in the invitation

Apple far out event confirmed it just yesterday, next September 7 the day set for the live. To present the new iPhone 14 and other innovations that the company has for the world.

Apple far out event confirmed it just yesterday, next September 7 is the day set by Apple. To present new iPhone 14 and other innovations.

Apple far out event may have hidden clues in the poster

As usual, Apple far out event has been particularly sparing in terms of information. So, no information has released on the live except the poster you can see on the cover. Well this time too there those who try hard to glimpse details and information hidden everywhere. Let’s take a look together

There are many who look forward to September 7, to be able to lay their gaze on the new iPhone 14. And on anything else the Cupertino giant intends to present. However there are also those who, not satisfied with the countless indiscretions that have appeared on the net in the the last few months, look for clues in the event poster.

Satellite connectivity

Considering the theme chosen for the invitation to the event, space, one of the first things that comes to mind the often rumored satellite connectivity; have been talking about this function since the days of the iPhone 13, on which, however, it not implemented. Has the time come?

Because now known that Apple far out event working on satellite features for smartphones and the iPhone 14 could be the first to benefit from it. So, iOS 16 introduced a new SOS icon in the status bar that appears when the phone loses cellular connectivity.

According to leaked rumors, this function should allow owners of a compatible iPhone to connect to a satellite when they are without a telephone signal, so as to be able to call for help in an emergency; the Messages application should also be able to benefit from it.


Old rumors wanted Apple far out event to work on an astrophotography mode for its iPhones. Because that feature already present on some smartphones with Android. This function would allow the device to detect the moon and stars. And consequently increase the exposure times to take a picture, also applying some software improvements to the shot.

Also know that, at least the Pro models, should equipped with a new 48 MP main photo sensor. So, reasonable to assume that can also be equipped with this new feature.

Always on display

So, this assumption perhaps a bit forced compared to the different brand. As rumored for a while, iPhone 14 Pro and Max should the first iPhones to be Apple far out event to boast the Always on display. As you can see the artwork of the invitation, if you were wondering. With the very dark background and the apple logo in prominence. So, could vaguely recall a display with always on active.

How to follow the Apple far out event

In short the Apple far out event, the fateful day is approaching. And many of you will surely intend to follow the live. Whether you are an iOS fan or an Android purist ( know that can’t wait to show off the supreme phrase “on Android c ‘was already ”with each new introduced). Anyway there is new merch for the new device.

The appointment is for 7 September at 7 pm and you can follow the live at the official live that will be broadcast by Apple.