“Ambient Rays” by Ananta Govinda

Ananta Govinda’s transfixing new album, AMBIENT RAYS: MUSIC FOR MEDITATION | YOGA | MINDFULNESS, crystallizes the endless cycle of spiritual growth, its tapestry of ambient and interstellar textures guiding the search through voids and light towards divine universal alignment. Transposing the haunting journey of the infinite soul into an art piece of tranquility, each ‘Ray’ unchains a gateway to the unseen realms of enlightenment, traversing the rainbowed spectrum of meditation, self-evolution and lucid, spiritual ascension.

His ultra-immersive landscape balancing the kaleidoscope of human experience, Ananta transforms cinematic synths, celestial church organs and deep-space haze into his timeless interpretation of natural spiritual ambience. Interspersing submersed, earthy rhythms within wordless harmonic mantras, Ananta designs each fleeting vocal detail to anchor the lucid self to its core, whilst devoting his release to pursuing the uncharted otherworlds above and within oneself.

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