“ Altered Vision ” by Seanie Vaughan

A beloved figure in Irish indie-rock, Seanie Vaughan has been traveling the world and winning over legions of devoted fans for over a decade.  He has a gift for poetic storytelling, drawing equally from bucolic folk to psychedelic rock to bring his vision of life in rural Ireland to life in vivid detail.  On his new full length ‘Between Chaos and Order,’ he fully embraces his more experimental tendencies while retaining the natural beauty of his early releases. The result is an album full of revelatory, soul-searching songs destined to intrigue dedicated followers and new audiences alike.

Seanie grew up in Galway, where he spent his time exploring the idyllic countryside or absorbing local lore at the family pub.  These formative years shaped the songs on his 2011 breakthrough debut ‘Altered Vision.’  The album found immediate success, landing at #5 on the Irish Indie Album Charts and winning praise for its deeply-moving, acoustic-driven songwriting.  Since then, he has been in a state of constant musical evolution.  His 2017 album ‘Redemption’ leaned into everything from Beatle-esque pop to Talking Heads style art-rock, showing him to be an artist of rare depth and complexity.

‘Between Chaos and Order’ showcases everything that Seanie does best.  His vocals are more evocative than ever and each track has a unique life of its own.  Having already established himself as an integral part of the Irish music landscape, ‘Between Chaos and Order’ proves that Seanie is worthy of a worldwide breakthrough.

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