What is Onlyfans, the social without censorships that is growing dramatically

What is Onlyfans, how it work? it is an entertainment platform that works only on subscription managed by the United Kingdom and to be precise from London.

What is Onlyfans works, the social without censorships that is growing dramatically

It has become particularly popular in the period of Lockdown and during the pandemic and saw its users grow in mission. It is basically a service designed for “content creators” that by publishing on Onlyfans can earn money from users who register precisely to view these contents: its popularity is due to the fact that many of these contents are dedicated to adult entertainment, Although in reality on the platform content of other genres are also hosted, starting from fitness.

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Platform without censorship

Onlyfans’ main novelty lies in the fact that it does not apply a particularly restrictive content policy and allows users to share their semi-nounda photos or completely naked in exchange for a monthly membership fee. The company pays 80% of the commissions collected to the creator of the contents, while the remaining 20% is held by Onlyfans. Commercial and processing commissions deducted, the share that remains for the company is approximately 12%.

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Respectable numbers

The service was launched only four years ago, in 2016 initially only as a website for creators. ho offered their contents to their followers paid. To register you need to pay a monthly rate to see clips and photos. The company owner of Onlyfans is called Fenix International Limited. In May 2020 the site boasted of 30 million registered users and its managers declared that they had paid $ 725 million to his 450,000 content creators. Also last May the TIM Stokely CEO explained to Buzzfeed News that “the site records about 200,000 new users every 24 hours and from 7,000 to 8,000 new creators every day”.

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What is Onlyfans

Last year Onlyfans announced a partnership with Demon Time Social Media to create a monetized virtual club using the double screen live function of the sites. Currently the site is mainly used by amateurs and professional pornographic models/and also has a market with chefs, fitness guru and musicians. In 2018 Megan Barton Hanson, a competitor of the reality show Love Island, published videos of himself naked on the platform. In January 2020 the twenty year old American Kaylen Ward collected over one million dollars in charity contributions during the fire wave in Australia.

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How to grow Onlyfans

There are a lot of solution if you want grow your profile, one and the best one is to create backlinks for your profile. This will allow you to increase authority and increase rank of your profile, you can see that service and start increase earn and follower!

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