“ Vstronomy ii ” by Tahree-Amir

K’Vhondre Tahree-Amir Tinner is a trumpet player who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and spent most of his life in Sacramento California. He began playing the trumpet in the seventh grade at Natomas Middle School under Jeff Galindo then eventually to Inderkum High School under the wing of Shawn Hines to sharpen up his skills as he underwent Marching, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. Inspired by jazz musicians Chet Baker, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, and Freddie Hubbard to name a few, Tahree-Amir has been able to take his love and sound for jazz to create his own sound-Vfr0bop-which is a Champloo of Jazz, Celestial, Ambient Hip-hop and Boom Bap music. Tahree-Amir’s goal to influence the world with his ancestral and unique sound and make a great impact in the Music world. Just take a listen to his work and see for yourself. Tahree-Amir’s top project is ‘Vstronomy’. In the album you will be able to experience a Tribal , Ambient, Celestial and Meditative sound that’ll get your spirits lifted and put you in a trance through time and space. ‘Vstronomy’ and ‘Vstronomy ii’ is worth the listen ! Enjoy


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