Ville Valo very younger: Humorous HIM press convention in Hamburg

March 2000: Together with his band HIM he had a no. 1 hit with the track “Be a part of Me” (additionally the album “Razorblade Romance” was a giant success). In March 2000 the band got here to Hamburg for his or her first large live performance. Ville Valo and the boys from HIM spoke to the journalists at a press assembly.


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39 thoughts on “Ville Valo very younger: Humorous HIM press convention in Hamburg

  1. Tinka Ward says:

    I can understand very well that these constant "sex symbol" questions annoyed him. Even today, many fans keep reducing him to this. Superficiality is unfortunately widespread. Some questions in this interview are superfluous and stupid, the time could have been better used. But Ville's reactions prove that even then he was adept at answering charmingly and eloquently.

  2. howard bianchi says:

    TO ALL YOUNG LADIES below see 1993 London interview. He is part Mongol, his granny is Hungarian Father is Finnish. Mongol blood in either case. Hence the Finno/Uigric language. Sound exactly alike both lands invaded by the Golden Horde i.e. Mongols. In 1993 London interview he does a letter perfect Jermy Brett imitation. JB LONDON STAGE actor who in 80's played Sherlock Holmes on BBC tv series. When he rolls his RRRRRRs or says "in the FUTCHA that is pure JB. ALWAYS a great interview. Unlike old frauds like Bob Dylan or Lou Reed he is unfailingly polite whether speaking to journalist or an intern as they have an assignment to complete just as he has that evening. Nota bena He is a dead ringer for a 20 yr. old Orson Welles the greatest American actor/director etc etc etc. All young Russian lap dancers are exactly like HIM in appearance manners & education. However they don't roll their Rrrrr's The above base on many encounters w/ladies in late 90's on Jersey Shore . 90 min. From that sodom et gommrah called NYC. Forgive all typos as arthritic fingers have not dealt w/cell until 3 days ago. A blessing and a curse!!!!@ Be well. All trains buses are free and destinations are deserted. Never looked better!!! Cf. Film 'the World the Flesh and the Devil' late 60's Scifi flick. Last Woman and two men (what did you expect?) The Omega Man? Shot on a completely blocked off weekend's on Wall Street. The way it looks now AB FAB. ZZZZZZ.

    Sweet Dreams

    H. V. B

  3. Dan says:

    "Teenagers are human being aswell" I love his facial expressions and how he speak and… my brain is fried now. Thanks for this video. Always nice to listen what he has to say.

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