Ville Valo very younger: Humorous HIM press convention in Hamburg

March 2000: Together with his band HIM he had a no. 1 hit with the track “Be a part of Me” (additionally the album “Razorblade Romance” was a giant success). In March 2000 the band got here to Hamburg for his or her first large live performance. Ville Valo and the boys from HIM spoke to the journalists at a press assembly.


ville valo

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  1. Ville Anhel 💙

  2. christiane stamm

    I look at his beautiful face and listen to him……. Intelligent and funny young man.

  3. Ville is staying hydrrrrated in this interview 😝

  4. Perfect human being

  5. Вилле прекрасен в любом возрасте 😍♥

  6. I need more of these videos, thanks for upload this <3

  7. JuSt like WoOooow…..this face it’s everything

  8. He's been smoking since he was 13. I wonder what got him to start so young.

  9. omg he's sooo cuuuteee

    angel <6

  10. Those eyes ♥️

  11. What i had never seen the singer for HIM before. what a revelation. He is gorgeous. My type.

  12. what i mean when i say i want a goth bf

  13. Dios!!!! Es que es tan bello!!! Guapísimo

  14. Transcending Flesh

    So hot

  15. Herranne aika unohin miten hyvän näköne Ville valo oli :0

  16. Алена Белова

    He is like my ex

  17. He is so cute♥️♥️♥️


  19. Ana Karen Fernández

    9:16 omg my uterus just exploded.

  20. Handsome and intelligent 💋
    Those beautiful eyes😍

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