Ville Valo about love: "I’ve butterflys earlier than a

Nice reminiscences of the yr 2000! Earlier than the massive HIM live performance in Hamburg (it was “bought out”) we met Ville Valo for a really private interview on the soundcheck. He talked to us about his tattoos, a potential girlfriend and love…


ville valo

44 thoughts on “Ville Valo about love: "I’ve butterflys earlier than a

  1. Diana Torres says:

    Este hombre era bellísimo , su rostro entre masculino y sutilmente delicado , no se como describirlo y con una voz gruesa que lo hace perfecto , me aloca verlo , es el hombre más bello que he visto en la televisión 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  2. Rachel McLachlan says:

    He looks so bored in this interview, I feel so sorry for him😅
    But how polite and gentle he is just makes me love him even more😍❤
    God seriously didn't have to flex so hard when He created Ville Valo lolol.

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