“ Vapor trails ” by Kontrovist

The concept Kontrovist was born in 2020 during the worldwide lockdown due to the Corona virus that causes Covid-19. The world was groaning. And it still is. Kontrovism is the first EP as Kontrovist. An early fling with short, lo-fi musical moods. It explores the impact of digitally distributed movements via highly suspicious personalities in search of its sole goal: complete mental independence.

Later in 2020, ‘An Album by Kontrovist’ was released on the 1st of July. A nine-track adventurous trip into deep lofi land- and soundscapes. With an obvious name. Early 2021, Kontrovist starts working on new tunes. ‘Low on budget, high on you’ is another nine-track dive intro the deep. More samples, more maturity, more lockdown. Let’s all be adults here… this is Sauna Pop for sexy times.

It happened again early November 2022. Midnight Smoke was released. More sexy times for your minds. Just before a trip to the south of Spain, where a collaboration of minds took place. An empty airport, a 3-hour flight and several evening of tapas later, new ideas for a follow-up EP were born. It took another year — November 1st 2023 to be precise — to release the EP ‘Viaje’ (‘trip’ in Spanish) with a blistering feature by harmonica player From Hove.

Based in Antwerp, Belgium. Look it up. It’s beautiful. Come by.

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