“ Tables Turned ” by Trev L.A.

Trev L.A. is an upcoming Mexican recording artist hailing out of South Central , Los Angeles. Growing up with mostly his mom and sometimes his dad , because of his dad being in & out of incarceration most his childhood. Trev grew up around family that followed street code & hustled which led to a loss of family, friends & alot of difficult times . He started hustling in his teens as he was now the oldest of 7 and had to grow up quick but always fell back on music to get him through the most difficult times. As well at that time started writing music not really knowing where it would really take him .
He recently became a music artist in 2023 because of people around him pushing & persuading him to get in studio take the craft more serious and finally take the leap into becoming an artist.
Influenced by artist like J. Cole , Nipsey Hussle & Kanye West . Working in genres like hip hop , r&b & reggeaton. Trev’s goal is to show his creative versatility in all his music and touch different genres & audiences as he grows as an artist .

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