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SPOTIFY APP ON NEW GARMIN VENU SQ – Offline Music (Amazon, Deezer, MP3 Obtain) Setup, Music, Controls!

Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and How To Obtain MP3s to the New Garmin Venu SQ Music smartwatch. NOTE: You will have the Garmin Venu SQ MUSIC EDITION to have all of the features I present on this video. I am going by way of step-by-step the way to set up Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music apps and present you all of the features and controls in every.
I additionally undergo the way to switch your MP3 songs and podcasts as a way to obtain them on to the good watch and pay attention with no need to deliver your telephone.
This video present you every part to get you began listening to music in your Garmin Venu SQ!


► Intro & Overview of Music Choices 0:01
► You want Garmin Venu SQ Music Version & Premium Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Subscriptions 0:55
► Garmin Venu SQ Music Battery Life When Listening & Utilizing GPS 2:24
► Garmin Venu SQ Fundamentals – Garmin Join App, Setup & Including Headphones 3:12
► Garmin Venu SQ Spotify Setup 5:05
► Garmin Venu SQ Spotify Music, Podcasts, Controls, Downloads 8:17
► Garmin Venu SQ Spotify Troubleshooting & Menu Controls 12:35
► Garmin Venu SQ Spotify How To Use As Cellphone Distant 16:10
► Garmin Venu SQ Deezer Setup, Including Music, Syncing Watch Music 17:13
► Garmin Venu SQ Deezer Music, Controls 17:13
► Garmin Venu SQ Deezer How To Use As Cellphone Distant 20:41
► Garmin Venu SQ Amazon Music Setup, Including Music, Syncing Watch Music 21:11
► Garmin Venu SQ Amazon Music, Controls, Utilizing As Cellphone Distant 24:26
► Garmin Venu SQ How To Obtain Switch MP3 Information To Watch 26:14
► Garmin Venu SQ Downloaded MP3 Information Watch Music Controls 26:14
► Conclusion 33:07

Garmin Specific App for Garmin Venue SQ Music Switch:

Try the brand new Garmin Venu SQ Music version right here:
Try the brand new Garmin Venu SQ (Non-Music) right here:

Try the Garmin Venu right here:


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16 thoughts on “SPOTIFY APP ON NEW GARMIN VENU SQ – Offline Music (Amazon,

  1. Del Richardson says:

    Is there anyway to scroll through music playlist to select specific songs or do I just have to skip each song. When I click on my playlist it just goes back to the music control screen where I pause and skip

  2. VegRunner 66 says:

    That was so thorough….thank you so much! I love my new Venu SQ but was a little foggy on how the music worked. I always have my phone when running, so am relieved to know I can still listen to youtube via the the watch (as a remote control).

  3. TheSmiles08 says:

    Thanks very much Jeff. Very helpful. Question if you don't mind, is there a way to delete specific tracks – I haven't found one, but thought if there is a way, you would have found it! Cheers!

  4. Srijith Balan says:

    Hi there. Thanks for useful quick information I need from you. When it comes to storing music, can we store music on normal Garmin sq ? Or should you need to buy the garmin sq music edition ? I mean where is the key difference between venu sq and venu sq music edition ?

  5. Karissa M says:

    Thanks so much for this video. You mention other smartwatches having ability to control music play. I was wondering, do you know if it's possible to use the Garmin Venu Sq (non-music edition) to just control spotify? I don't necessarily need to store music on my smartwatch, but I like being able to skip songs easily, etc while on the treadmill.

  6. man0sticks F. says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the Venu Sq also supports I Heart. You would need the All Access subscription however. You can load songs and playlists from I Heart onto the watch to listen offline while running without your phone.

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