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The Aye dil hai mushkil rcr mp3 song is amazing song you can listen in our page. Also it was created a movie!

The Aye dil hai mushkil rcr mp3 song is amazing song you can listen in our page. Also it was created a movie!

The Aye dil hai mushkil rcr mp3 song Film

The film begins with an interview with Ayan Ali Sanger, a singer who has recently gained fame with his non-filmy songs. Tell the story of his love experience in a flashback. A few years ago, in London, Ayan and Alizeh have a chance meeting in the club and they meet. They know each other and become friends.

Later, when they find out that their respective partners are cheating on them, they break up with their lovers: Ayan with Lisa D’Souza and Alizeh with “Dr.” Faisal Khan and the two go to Paris to spend a week together.

Aayan falls in love with Alizeh but doesn’t tell her while she just considers him a “friend”. One day, Alizeh runs into DJ Ali, her ex-boyfriend / lover, who wants to reconcile. Partially confused, but still in love with him, Alizeh decides to go with DJ Ali, so she involuntarily stops dating Ayan and they cut off communication.

A few days later

Alizeh calls and invites Ayan to her wedding with DJ Ali Khan in Lucknow. Aye dil hai mushkil rcr mp3 song shocked to hear this, but she reluctantly accepts the invitation.

At the wedding, she tells Alizeh that he loves her, but she rejects her feelings by forcing Ayan to leave the ceremony with a broken heart.

At the airport to board a flight to Dubai, she meets Saba Taliyar Khan, a poet, leaving for Vienna. She consoles Ayan and gives him a book with her poem and her number.

Ayan reads that poem and is moved by it. She calls her after three months stating that she in Vienna and wants to meet her. They meet. She learns that Saba divorced and has no place for love in her heart.

They enter into a relationship.

Later, in an art gallery, he meets Saba’s ex-husband, Tahir Taliyar Khan.

Who tells him that one-sided love not a weakness but rather a power as it not shared since presence not even necessary. Of the person you are in love with to continue to love her regardless. Ayan, who had prevented Alizeh from contacting him in any way, finally calls her and reconnects with her inspired by these words. Aye dil hai mushkil rcr mp3 song.

Alizeh feels really happy and tells him that she missed their friendship. She starts sending her pictures of Saba to try to induce her jealousy while Alizeh tells him about her life of her happy with her with Ali and she assumes that she has moved on. After a few days of promotion, Alizeh informs Ayan that she is on her way to Vienna and she wants to meet him.

Aye dil hai mushkil rcr mp3 song

To provoke Alizeh and make her feel jealous, which Saba notices about her. Before leaving, Ayan confronts her by saying that she has no feelings for her and is heartless. Alizeh says she loves Ayan but not in a romantic way.

They have a verbal fight and she then she leaves. She goes to Saba, who hugs Ayan one last time and tells him that she has started to really love him and that before she gets more intense, they should separate. He fears getting hurt realizing that he will never receive the love he saw in Ayan’s eyes for Alizeh.

Their relationship ends and Ayan leaves.

Ayan continues to have love for Alizeh and becomes a famous singer with her channel. He meets Ali one day and realizes that Ali and Alizeh are no longer together. Ali tells Ayan that even though Alizeh loved him, he was unable to get the love he thought he deserved.

Ayan, worried, goes to Alizeh’s favorite place and waits there for two days, hoping she will arrive. Alizeh meets him there and tells Aye dil hai mushkil rcr mp3 song that she has been diagnosed with stage four cancer and she won’t live long. Ayan is heartbroken, but they try to make the most of their time together.

Ayan tries to loved by Alizeh, to no avail. This leads to a fight between the two and Alizeh decides to leave Ayan as she fails to understand that she can’t fake her feelings for Ayan just to make him feel happy.

The next morning Ayan tries to find Alizeh

Apparently reaching the airport and thus fulfilling her last wish even before her death. Eventually, Aye dil hai mushkil rcr mp3 song makes peace. With the fact that he and Alizeh can at least be friends and nothing else. Alizeh dies soon.

The screen goes dark and returns to the present where Ayan, still a popular singer, is releasing an interview based on the love of his life.

Ayan sings the song “Channa Mereya”, which inspired by his one-sided love story, and ends the interview. Great merch born for this movie to use everyday or for special events. Curiously, the name Aye dil hai mushkil shortened to shortly known as ADHM. This in 2016 when the very romantic film was created.

Ranbir Kapoor born 28 September 1982 played the part of Ayan Sanger. Instead, actress Anushka Sharma played the part of Alizeh Khan. Instead actress Alia Bhatt played the part of DJ in “The Breakup Song” very great in the part.