Panalo (Lure Cariñosa) – Ez Mil (Lyrics) 🎵

Ez Mil – Panalo (Lure Cariñosa)(Lyrics) 🎵
Lyrics video for “Panalo (Lure Cariñosa)” by Ez Mil.

Ez Mil – Panalo // TikTok Pattern
“Tayo ay Pilipino, Kahit anong kulay ng balat
Isasapuso, Mapa-Tagalog, Bisaya, o Ilokano
Walang tatalo sa bagsik, Ng ating dugo
Isigaw ng malakas ang, Ating panalo
Wag nang pagusapan, Ang mga negatibong pangyayari
San mang panig ka, Nasa mundo, Kinabukasan na natin to

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🎤 Lyrics/Lirik: Panalo (Lure Cariñosa) – Ez Mil

[Intro] Like they mentioned although:
You possibly can take a person out the hood
However you possibly can’t take the hood out the person

Mga kababayan, flip up!

[Hook] Tayo ay Pilipino
Kahit anong kulay ng balat
Mapa-Tagalog, Bisaya, o Ilokano
Walang tatalo sa bagsik
Ng ating dugo
Isigaw ng malakas ang
Ating panalo
Wag nang pagusapan
Ang mga negatibong pangyayari
San mang panig ka
Nasa mundo
Kinabukasan na natin to

[Verse 1] Yeah
Maintain runnin’ ya mouth once you lyin’
I keep on my enterprise whereas watchin you dyin’
I’m takin’ my individuals to heights when you cryin’
Bout common livin’ & that is what I am tryna
Show, ‘stead of simply lyin’ in cubicles
1st true Filipino rapper on the information
Sit, get pleasure from it if ya cool
Haters can snooze
Whereas I put my metropolis on the map
22-double the O-longapo Metropolis no cap
By no means forgettin’ the road the place my
Cousin would sit after we at all times simply hearken to rap
Kendrick, Em, & A$AP with some metallic
And man we might flip up with that
Been mundane until the solar got here
Now I would like fame like a child within the lure uh
I been in Spain (Spain)
However the letter ’S’ is silent (ache)
I’m claimin’ my reign like a king
So I can water crops for survivin’ (rain rain)
Go away for those who trippin’ (yuh)
Had a homie he was Cripn’ (cuh)
Ain’t obtained no love for the individuals
Who discuss over songs after they
Claimin’ they pay attention (pay attention pay attention)
These bars – by no means executed, uh
3 stars and a solar, aye
Blue, purple draped down on a flag
No we by no means worry none
Most of us did not develop up with a belief fund
Know that I am willin’ to kill for a beloved one
I am on the transfer from a nothin’ to somebody
Reminding my individuals to shout:

[Hook] Tayo ay…


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25 thoughts on “Panalo (Lure Cariñosa) – Ez Mil (Lyrics) 🎵

  1. nimzkoy, , says:

    FYI SA mga Hindi nakakaalam.. Sinadya po ang lyrics na pinugutan si lapu SA Mactan. Hindi po Siya namali Ng information about SA history.. alam po ni Ez Mil na mali.
    Eto po statement niya SA isang interview.

    “Why I chose the term, 'pinugutan si Lapu sa Mactan.' Because in terms of the rhyming pattern, I always go to this dilemma or doubt in my head in closing out a song. Am I gonna close it out with absolute truth or am I gonna make people talk about it?” he said.

    “He was never beheaded. That's me putting an exaggerated term in a ploy to drive traffic and talk,”

    “I'm sorry to anybody who was offended with the fact that me being putting inaccurate sources in our history as Filipinos. That's why the song is what it is right now. The way I wrote that got people talking. Got people agreeing to it. Got people disagreeing, got people in the in-betweens. The way it is now, people are talking about it. I got to be smart about it." said Ez Mil.

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