“ OVER ” by Dayan Soul

Dayan Soul is a Spanish singer and songwriter, born in 1991, whose musical style fuses different genres such as r&b and soul, among others. In 2011, influenced by house and dance music, she began her professional career singing in numerous clubs and festivals. Years later, she changed her artistic project, changing her repertoire and format towards something more intimate and personal. From 2020, Dayan Soul evolves giving shape to his first solo works “Step it up” and “Darkness”.

Currently, he has just released his first EP, the first preview of which, “OVER”, is already out. In addition to singing and composing, Dayan Soul has an artistic side which she developed in 2023 appearing on Valencian TV, being proclaimed winner of a talent show as the “most complete artist” for also performing and dancing. The person behind Dayan Soul, Diana Segarra, didn’t know how or when, but since she was a child it was clear to her that her purpose in life was to communicate with her voice and move with her soul.

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