Jennifer Lopez: documentary about her at Tribeca Festival

Halftime, the documentary about Jennifer Lopez, kicked off the 21st edition of the Tribeca Festival, kicking off the annual New York ben affleck event with an intimate behind-the-scenes portrait of the singer / actress.

Halftime, the documentary about Jennifer Lopez, kicked off the 21st edition of the Tribeca Festival, kicking off the annual New York .

The documentary was made in the year she co-starred in the Super Bowl with Shakira. She turned 50 and narrowly missed an Oscar nomination.

Jennifer Lopez in the festival

The preview at the United Palace in Washington Heights was an appropriate opening for the Festival, which eliminated the term “film”. This is to better reflect the wide range of concerts, conferences, podcasts and television previews that fill the busy schedule of live events. The documentary will premiere on June 14 on Netflix.

The Tribeca Festival, which will last until June 19, will see the participation of many personalities. In addition to the docufilm on Jennifer Lopez, there will also be: Al Sharpton, subject of Loudmouth, closing documentary of the festival, Taylor Swift, who will speak with director Mike Mills about the short film she directed in 2021. But there will also be reunions, with Heat by Michael Mann, and directorial debuts, including Ray Romano with Somewhere in Queens.

The Tribeca say

After the 2020 edition skipped and the 2021 festival largely open, the Tribeca Festival turned to Jennifer Lopez, a native of the Bronx, to bring the event back in vogue ben affleck.

Halftime director Amanda Micheli hopes the documentary, which premieres June 14 on Netflix, will present a new side to Jennifer.

Said Micheli in an interview

Because I had the impression that you were a very successful and glamorous person. Then when I met her I thought: this woman is an artist. The way she behaves and the way she works …  Because she is an artist, a fighter.

After all Jennifer Lopez, from Hustlers to the Super Bowl with Shakira.

Jennifer Lopez in the industry

The documentary is conceived as a portrait of the singer, aimed at grasping the challenges that even superstars like Jennifer López Ben Affleck have to face in an industry that is not always welcoming towards Latin artists.

Jennifer Lopez has always tried to prove herself,” said the director. I don’t want to play it down by saying. Oh, she’s a black woman and black women have a harder time. But it’s true, especially in the entertainment industry “.

For the documentary, Micheli put together footage shot in late 2019 and early 2020 by Jennifer Lopez team. For a total of around 1000 videos. Over the span of time covered by the documentary, the singer starred and produced the drama Hustlers. And she performed at the Super Bowl alongside Shakira.