“ Insert the Card ” by MAYCASH

MAYCASH is a rapper and entrepreneur from Amsterdam South-East. In 2017 he dropped his debut single called Amen (Ft. Jordymone9). Since then we have been able to enjoy different tracks. 
 MAYCASH is known for his flamboyant music videos for which he travels all over the world to shoot.

The most popular tracks are accompanied by high level video clips where we can enjoy the most beautiful destinations, exotic cars and a lifestyle that we all dream of. 
 Besides rapping, Maycash is a hardworking entrepreneur. Maycash owns a clothing brand which is a High End Fashion Brand.

His company is still a young company, but we have already spotted this Luxury Brand at many artists, influencers and athletes. 
 MAYCASH knew from an early age that music is his passion. We can expect many new tracks and flamboyant video clips soon.

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