How to download music youtube to mp 3

On this article we show you how to convert youtube to mp 3 , Is there an emerging singer who has put his songs on YouTube for free and you really want to download them to your MP3 player? Found a beautiful live version of a song you already have on CD and would like to save it on your PC? These are just two examples of how YouTube can easily turn into a source of free music downloads, and today I’m here to show you how.

youtube to mp 3

If you want to find out how to download music from youtube to mp 3, all you have to do is turn to one of the solutions that I am about to report to you and learn how to use them thanks to the instructions you find below. It is a list of software, online services and apps for smartphones and tablets that will allow you to download the music you want from the famous Google home video streaming site without having to put your purse in your hand. I’ll also tell you about YouTube Music, the YouTube subscription service that allows you to listen to music on smartphones and tablets even in offline mode.

So, ready to find out everything in detail? I assure you it’s very easy, it almost takes longer to say than to do. Before starting a small note on the quality of audio files: many of the services and programs that we are about to see together allow you to choose the output format and bitrate. I advise you to always opt for a quality of at least 192 kbps, but it should be noted that “miracles” cannot be done. If a video has bad audio quality, even saving it at 320 kbps (that is, the maximum bitrate allowed for MP3s) you will not get any improvement.


How to Download Music from youtube to mp 3

If you are interested in understanding how to download music from YouTube, I suggest you rely on the use of YouTube Music first. As I told you at the beginning of the guide, it is a music streaming service based on the boundless YouTube database and officially made available by Google. which, in exchange for a subscription at a cost of 9.99 $/month (or 14 99 $/month for the family plan that can be used by 6 people) with the first month’s free trial, allows you to download the songs that are available on the service and listen to them in audio-only mode, even in the background. It should be noted that the service can be used both from the Web and via apps for smartphones and tablets, but downloading the songs is only possible in the latter case.

That said, to download the YouTube Music app on Android, visit the relevant section of the Play Store and press the Install button. If, on the other hand, you are using iOS / iPadOS, visit the relevant section of the App Store, press the Get button. the Install button and authorize the download using Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password. Then, start the app by pressing the Open button that appears on the display or by touching the relative icon that has been added to the home screen.


Now that you see the main screen of the app, log in to your Google account and activate the free trial to use the service, then tap the magnifying glass located at the top right, type the name of the song you wish to download or that of the compilation, playlist or artist of reference and select the correct title from the proposed list.

On the screen that will subsequently be shown to you, tap the button with the down arrow that you find under the cover or press the button with the three vertical dots and select the item Download from the menu that opens. When the download is complete, you will find all the downloaded songs in the Collection > Download section of the app.

How to download music from youtube to mp 3 online

noTube is the first of the online services that fall within the category of those useful for downloading and converting videos from youtube to mp 3 that I suggest you consider. It’s free and it’s also very easy to use.

To use it, connected to the relative home page, paste the address of the YouTube video from which you wish to extract the audio in the appropriate bar in the center, select an output format from the adjacent drop-down menu (eg MP3) and click on the button Okay.

Wait, therefore, for the movie to be processed and click on the Download button, in order to save it on your computer. Simpler than that?

youtube to mp 3

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How to download YouTube music to PC and Mac

Now let’s move on to the software solutions with which you can download music from YouTube on Windows and macOS. Below, therefore, you will find those that in my humble opinion represent the best systems in the category. Put them to the test now!

WinX Video Converter (Windows) and MacX Video Converter (macOS)

WinX Video Converter is a video downloading and converting software that is very easy to use and full of interesting features. It allows you to download videos from YouTube and over 1,000 sites in any format, even 4K/HD, without quality loss. With its exclusive GPU hardware acceleration technology, it processes videos with speeds up to 47 times lower than the actual duration of the videos to be processed.

Also noteworthy are the excellent functions of dividing, cutting, merging and compressing the videos offered by the software. The latter, in particular, allows you to reduce the size of the videos up to 90% while still maintaining high visual quality; all for free, without advertising and without violations of user privacy.

WinX Video Converter is compatible with all popular versions of Windows. MacX Video Converter is available for Mac, which has the same functionality as WinX Video Converter, but has extra video recording features to record instructional videos, capture Skype or FaceTime calls. save webinar recordings and more using the Mac’s built-in camera or the externally connected webcam (in MOV, with the possibility of converting them to formats such as MP4, H.264, MKV and AVI). MacX Video Converter can be downloaded for free, but to access all the functions you need to purchase the full version for around 25$.

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What do you need:

That said, let’s get into action and see how to download videos from YouTube with WinX Video Converter and MacX Video Converter. The first step you need to take is to get the program: connect, therefore, to the official site of WinX Video Converter. (if you have a Windows PC) or to the official site of MacX Video Converter (if you have a Mac) and click on the button to download the program.

When the download is complete, to install WinX Video Converter on Windows, open the .zip archive obtained and extract the contents into a folder of your choice; then start the WinX Video Converter .exe file and click on the Yes, OK and Next buttons; then put the check mark on the item relating to acceptance of the license agreement and complete the setup by pressing the Next (four more consecutive times), Install and Finish buttons.

On first launch, you will need to activate your copy of WinX Video Converter using the code in the previously extracted Read me — Software license key.txt file (you can enter an email address of your choice).

How to download music youtube to mp 3