Gmail log in and create account: here’s how

Gmail log in is one of the many services of the giant Google gmail account. Which in 2022 remains among the top 10 largest e-mail providers on the market.

Gmail log in is one of the many services of the giant Google which in 2022 remains among the top 10 largest e-mail providers on the market.

Google’s Gmail service first introduced in 2004 but only after 5 years of being in public beta status, was it finalized.

The service available totally free (including the app) with 15 GB of space (shared with the other services offered by Google to the user) and can used with a wide range of devices including iPhones, Android phones, PC, Mac and many other devices.

How to Gmail log in and create for your personal email

Let’s see how to create a personal account and Gmail log in. To create a Gmail account, go to from your web browser. This will open the home screen where you simply click on the word “Create account”.

You will be immediately asked if the account you want to create for you, for your child or to manage your business. This is because it is possible to create account for minors. But it only from the age of 13 (or the minimum age required in your country). That children will be able to independently manage the settings and the time of use on the devices. In the meantime limited and controlled.

Once you have made the selection for your needs, just enter the required information and follow the instructions on the site. Initially you will be asked for your name and surname, the username you want and you will have to create your personal password.

Then you will have to enter your phone number to which an SMS with a six-digit verification code will sent, an option that has mandatory for the security of your account. They will also ask you for a recovery email in case you have problems with your account. You will then have to enter your date of birth, this is necessary to continue with the account configuration.

How to customize the account

Once you have completed all these steps to create a Gmail log in account for your personal email. You can choose between two customization options. The “Quick Customization” or “Manual Customization”, which will allow you to set up a series of account details. The first is of course the faster of the two to use.

Finally, you will have to accept the terms and conditions and their privacy policy and you will have your account at your disposal.

We have therefore seen that creating account for your personal email is really easy.

Create a new Gmail account on your mobile

Google offers a dedicated Gmail log in app for Apple and Android devices. The app is probably the best way to use Gmail on your smartphone.

If you have already created your Gmail account by following the previous steps, that account can now used in the Gmail app. Otherwise you can register and create your new Gmail account also from the app, following the same steps.

The first thing need to do download the Gmail app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once this has done, you can then log into the app and start using email or create new account.

How to add a new Gmail account

From the application, adding a new Gmail account is a simple and immediate operation. Just click on the photo you have chosen as your profile picture at the top right, select “add another account” and proceed.

From the web the procedure is very similar, just enter your mailbox and perform the same operations.

And after the boom of their service born the merch with their brand.


The main functions of Gmail log in

It is no coincidence that Gmail log in is one of the most used e-mail providers in the world. In addition to the stability offered by the giant Google, it has many useful features. For users to speed up and improve the experience.

Among the advanced options, for example, Gmail provides the possibility to create and use an email template, through the appropriate section of the settings.

Another very useful option is the possibility of enabling read receipts, in the csao where. For example, it is important for you to know if your recipient has read your email or if it ended up by mistake among those that will never open.

In fact, every day we receive hundreds of spam emails that insistently offer us revolutionary products. Both consumer and investment or worse, scams and phishing attempts. What better option then than to block an email address that annoys and fills our inbox. Gmail also offers this to promote it.

This is how setting up a Gmail account and using it with your Android phone or iPhone is quite simple. You can find more information on how to set up an account on the Google website.