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Shad3: Shad3 is a rising star who mixes his raspy smooth voice with a laid back flow and unforced swagger. Shad3 combines antics of Phonk, hard rap and smooth rap to create a new sound unique to himself. Shad3 is heavily influenced by fashion aesthetics especially high end street fashion and grunge fashion. He is also known to be an affiliate of the 444 Saints collective.
Being a native of Nigeria, Shad3 does not fail to embibe the ‘pidgin English’ in his songs with minimal efforts in this account. Now we see him teaming up with a fellow collective member ‘44JNNY’ to give us the meaning of their rap collective 444 and what it actually stands for.

44JNNY: 44JNNY is an electrifying artist now making waves in the city of Toronto, Canada. Blending the pulsating sounds of grime rap and the infectious rhythms of Afrobeat, he brings a dynamic and unique flavour to the music scene. With his first song released on May 12, 2023, 44JJNNY wasted no time making his mark. His hard-hitting and vibrant flow, coupled with his undeniable energy, captivates listeners from the first bar. As part of the dynamic group called 444 Saints, comprised of talented youths from Nigeria who are creating streetwear, 44JNNY is an integral member of a movement that merges music, fashion, and street culture. He has now teamed up with fellow collective member Shad3 to release an EP enlightening us more about the ‘444Saints’ and what they stood for.

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