From Spotify Artists Danila Sigal and Stef Palsig Listen to the amazing song: Ave Maria

Danila’s songs go beyond an album! They are a collection of compositions, narrations & stories that have been launched on a yearly basis as support to her breast cancer awareness campaigns, health battle which she also colloquially narrates in her memoir “My Four Seasons”.

Mastermind of an ongoing catalog (counting to date with over 3 million streams) where she brings to life her healing journey, through profound motivational multi-genre songs of her authorship (music & lyrics), leveraging a variety of sounds only possible with a team of Grammy-caliber producers; featuring superb vocal performers including both experienced renowned artists as well as young emerging talents.

Danila is a former Procter & Gamble Global Executive, as well as a registered songwriter in BMI, Voting Member of LARAS (Latin Grammy), Two-Times Winner Honorable Mention in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC), selected Top 16 in the Latin Category, among over 21,000 contestants, as well as Three-Times Semi-Finalist ISC 2015, ISC 2016, ISC 2020. Susan Komen Foundation “Faces of Warriors” Honoree. TEDx Geneva Speaker.

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