From Spotify Artist VandeYork Listen to the amazing song: What I Know

VandeYork is just a guy who likes to make music. He was born in the 70s and has played in several bands over the years before deciding to start a late solo project.

Here, for the first time, he plays all the instruments himself and creates his own soundscape influenced by his mood and emotions.

His music is difficult to categorize into a specific genre, as he does not commit to a particular style, but is guided by his mood and inspiration. The songs can range from melancholic and introspective to energetic and optimistic. They are more or less a journey in search of his own sound and he wants to invite his listeners to join him on this journey.

His lyrics are emotional and the melodies catchy and rousing. With his solo project, he has finally taken the freedom to fully live out his creative possibilities and experience his music in a whole new way.

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