From Spotify Artist Tinok and Sprock Listen to the amazing song: Diamondback

“It is our mission to bring the optimism, vibrancy and unity of the 80s back, through our own special mix of stadium rock and electronic dance music!”
Arising out of Canada in the early 90s, Tinok and Sprock are pioneers of the underground EDM scene. From the DJ booth to the recording studio, to rocking live with their band onstage, they took their innovative sound and style around the world. Influenced by early Hip Hop and House, and the emerging Techno and Rave scene, they had their beginnings as DJs, playing at local clubs and private parties. Before long, they were creating their own music, releasing 2 albums on Tape, in 1992 and 1994, and their first full length CD in 1996.
From there, the duo switched gears, bringing a live band performance to the stage. Combining stacks of synthesizers, turntables, and samplers, with a live drummer, bass, guitar, and soulful vocals, they delivered their hard-hitting beats and electronic sounds to the dance floors of the live music scene. And then in the 2000s, they each went their separate ways. Sprock hit the DJ scene in Japan, and Tinok continued producing and performing live in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Middle East.

Now after nearly 25 years, Tinok and Sprock are back, releasing their third new single in decades, “Diamondback,” on July 7, 2023…  with more to come. Stay tuned.

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