From Spotify Artist Mike Cherk Listen to the song: November Is Warm

Mike Cherk is an artist hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. He began publishing music in 2019, with his first album: Chasing Snow, followed the same year, by an acoustic EP of cover songs: Skies, Hills, Space. He has released three singles since, and is back with an Electronic / Rock EP of curious sounds, and audio brilliance. He’s a self-taught musician playing Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals, as well as being the producing engineer on his works. Mike attended Grant MacEwan University, and received his Diploma of Music, before taking time off to further evolve his sound. He hopes to continue building his skillset and lyricism over the coming years, and make his emotion expressed through his music, stronger and stronger.

His particular style is often described as: Genuine, Heartfelt, and Off-Beat. The music he makes emulates the way that he walks through life, off the beaten path, finding his own beat to walk to. As a fan of poetry, lyric, prose, and novels; Mike enjoys the fine words that can craft a beautiful story.

The majority of songs included on this EP were written around 2017, and it has taken many years for him to polish them, up to a releasable point. He hopes that you connect with the songs included in this EP, and carry the spirit of it with you, as you walk to your own beat.

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