From Spotify Artist LoudFeli Listen to the amazing song: Be Myself

LoudFeli is from Lima-Perú. He was a local musician (guitarist) until he moved to the US. Currently, he’s leaving in Kalamazoo, Michigan, to start growing his career as a musician. His first single was “Dreaming awake,” which is an instrumental song. Then, he started doing features with more local artists (Kalamazoo)
His second release it was an EP “Drown,” which it contains 4 songs, with different styles.
He’s actually releasing a single on July 24th. It’s also a totally different style of music. He tries to experiment with different styles of music in one song. His influence is rock, metal, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, grunge, punk, hiphop, trap, pop. He can play different instruments. But his main instrument is the electric guitar.

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