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Larakay (Laura Toth) is a pop artist based in The Netherlands. Larakay is born in Hungary in 1996 and was adopted at about the age of 1 by a Dutch and Hungarian couple. Thanks to them she grew up in the Netherlands and was able to develop into the person and artist she is today. Larakay has been making music from an early age. She started drum lessons at Clara de Mik (Slagerij Van Kampen) and at the age of 12 she took singing classes at the Babette Labeij Music Academy, in 2019 Larakay was performing at WOOHAH and in 2020 she graduated from the Herman Brood Academy. All of these things have allowed her to build up a broad network, which has given her a lot of experience as a singer-songwriter. After many featurings and collaborations she now has over 7 million streams, she started independently releasing her own music (2020). Many people have heard her voice, but don’t know who the artist behind the voice is. In December 2021 Larakay flew to New York and meet up with an A&R and in Januari 2022 she signed a distribution deal with Equity Distribution

Larakay’s inspiration for music is mostly; Amy Winehouse, Justin Bieber & Hayley Williams (Paramore). Her music genre is best described as Pop with influences of HipHop, Punk, Trap, Reggae and Gypsy music since this is also a part of who she is “gypsy”. Lyrically it is very gloomy, but the beat gives you good vibes and energy. Larakay finds this contrast important to apply in her music. Dark thoughts with a happy face.

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