From Spotify Artist Jeremiah Broken Listen to the amazing song: Tearing At My Heart

Jeremiah Broken’s mission is driven by combining hip hop music with the message of the cross in order to reach many that don’t know Jesus as Lord. He started writing and recording music at a very young age, selling albums he recorded with a karaoke machine to classmates.

When his Sunday School teacher asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up, he said he wanted to be a rock star. Jeremiah Broken has now released three albums, No Longer Silent, Alive Volume 1, and Alive Volume 2. He has also released several singles. Listening to his music, you quickly notice his passion to impact lives in songs like My Purpose.

You also notice his stand against hate and racism with songs like Bring Us Together. He has a diverse delivery to keep the listener interested and engaged in the music.

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