From Spotify Artist Jeff Hartman Listen to the amazing song: Tick-Tock

NJ-based singer-songwriter Jeff Hartman writes guitar-driven, soulful ballads that blend elements of smooth jazz, soft rock, and adult contemporary pop. Hartman is an internationally recognized songwriter, former voting member of the Recording Academy and present voting member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists, and acclaimed recording artist with over 150 releases under his belt. With music that compares to the vocal stylings of Brian Adams, Don Mclean, and Richard Marx Hartman’s early musical influences include his father’s jazz trumpet performances, and the contemporary music of his childhood church, as well as James Taylor, Carole King. His songs often focus on themes of life and love, with minute attention to detail inspired by his mentor, Philadelphia rhythm and blues legend Joe Jefferson.

The two collaborated with Randy Cantor to write “Young Love,” which charted on Billboard’s “Hot Black” charts for five weeks and “Guilty,” performed by Starleana for Virgin Records. Hartman’s 2012 album Curtain Call and 2017 EP Mansfield led to the release of his highly-acclaimed full-length album Legacy in 2017. In 2020, Hartman released two new albums, 7 and Under Cover, as well as ten singles. Hartman’s latest album release, “Brayden Lee” as well as a plethora of new singles make him an extremely prolific writer. His single “Parameters” is this year’s finalist in the Song of the Year competition.

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