From Spotify Artist FunatearsMuSIC feature Ebo Listen to the amazing song: Another Day !!!

FunkatearsMusic was created by the music producer, DJ, and engineer Vonsoh from Germany. Vonsoh has been producing music for over a decade and has released multiple music projects under the names Vonsoh, SurealElectromusic, and Vonsoh Music. His FunkatearsMusic project is known for its unique blend of funk and soul, drawing inspiration from the original Funkateers of the 1970s such as Ed Miller, Demon Ellerson, Tony Warren, Michael Kelley, and Tony Lacey [1]. However, Vonsoh’s FunkatearsMusic project also incorporates modern elements such as the music of George Clinton and his funkateer Bootsy Collins, who recently retired from the stage [2]. It is a unique project that combines the classic sounds of funk with the modern elements of hip-hop, rap, and EDM, creating a sound that appeals to both the young and old generations [3]. Hey there everyone!

I wanted to let you all know about a really cool project that my friend Vonsoh is working on. He’s the inventor of Sureal Electro, and he’s currently working on a new project called Funkatears Electro.

If you’re a fan of Afrika Bambaataa or any other electro music, then I’m sure you’ll love what Vonsoh is doing with this new project. The new music is really fresh and exciting, and I think it has the potential to blaze new trails in the genre.

So please check out the Funkatears Electro project, and support Vonsoh in his quest to create some truly innovative and groundbreaking music!

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