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Dylan Dili is an open format DJ, Selector, 2x Platinum Recording Artist, CEO of Top5 Entertainment and owner of Top5 Brew.

His passion and first love is DJing. He started his career as a “box boy,” lifting crates of records and speaker boxes for the local sound system (Genesis Sound) in the community of East Flatbush BK, NY. As a teenager, Dylan spent quite some time in Carriacou, Grenada but later returned to NY where he met Jason Nedd. The pair performed at local backyard and basement parties from Long Island to Brooklyn, NY. A few years later, Dylan was recruited by the head of radio at VP Records, Junior Bourne.

VP Records has been highly regarded as the spearheads of the major reggae community and “Miles ahead in reggae music.” Not only did Dylan begin hosting and playing at VP records Gold parties alongside Junior Bourne, he was the opening DJ for Bobby Konders and Massive B as well as numerous other dancehall icon selectors in 2000 and 2001.

In 2002, Dylan continued using his talent to perform and found he had the gift of word play. He combined Hiphop and Caribbean music with his unique flow and auditioned for Making The Band. He auditioned alongside 40,000 people and was not only one of the six artists hand-picked to be a part the group, but to also be a part of the first, all black reality TV show cast. DaBand, under the leadership of P.Diddy. Making the Band aired on MTV in late 2002 and lasted for three seasons. The group went on to being #2 on Billboard and 2x Platinum. David Chappelle’s memorable skit made Dylan a staple in American pop culture.

After the show Dylan released several mixtapes, managed a compound recording studio called “1Stop Media” and years after, decided to return to his first love-DJing. In 2018 after releasing his solo album and being considered for a Grammy in the urban contemporary department for “Pain 2 Power,” he joined Diddy again and became one of his Ciroc Boyz DJs. DJ Dylan Dili was the first International Ciroc DJ and took the brand to the Caribbean and West Indies. Dylan was a guest host at numerous independent radio stations in London, The Caribbean and the United States. His love and knowledge for radio grew and his love for sharing musical worldwide culture as well. The new “Top5 Show” exclusively here on Top5 F.M. is a Caribbean based show. Every week Dylan also has the “Top 5 independent artists of the week.”

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