From Spotify Artist Dj Wallace Listen to the amazing song: Hold My Beer

Tom Sawyer in French style, DJ Wallace was born in a damaged suburb of the Ile de France where only one social class reigns. At the age of eight, his father left the family home, leaving behind a vinyl turntable on which Wallace would practice tirelessly: the beginning of a passion.
Wallace dreams of the United States and its idols: Mary J. Blige, 2Pac, Janet Jackson, and also listens to some French: Cut Killer, Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig. Soon after, the first productions came.
Rocked by his influences, Dj Wallace imagines a music that could cross the two continents: the influence of the United States with this touch of soul and r’n’b and very catchy choruses, mixed with a sensitive electronic paw, rather “french touch.”
Naturally, DJ Wallace began collaborating with artists across the Atlantic. In 2013, his track “Saxo Love” brought together on Youtube nearly 100,000 listens and was then broadcast on MCM and MTV, which led him to create his own label: “Follomy”.
Today, DJ Wallace has nearly 650,000 streams and many productions are yet to come.

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