From Spotify Artist Dessive Listen to the amazing song: She Tastes Like

Hey there, I’m a 23-year-old artist and music producer, living my musical dreams in the lively UK. My musical journey kicked off back in 2016, but it’s only recently that I’ve taken the plunge to share my own original tunes with the world. One highlight on this journey has been my track ‘Late Night Lover,’ which has gathered nearly 20k streams on Spotify – a proud moment indeed!

I’m all about the groove, especially when it comes to dance and EDM genres, but honestly, I’m a musical sponge, soaking up inspiration from every genre I can get my ears on.

I’m not out to reinvent the wheel or be the next big thing; I just love crafting music that makes my heart sing and, hopefully, listeners too. It’s all about chasing those rhythms and sounds that resonate with me. As I keep honing my musical craft, I’m enjoying the slow but steady progress, year after year.

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