From Spotify Artist Dejhare Listen to the amazing song: Like A Fool

Dejhare (pronounce deɪ-Jhar) loves the idea of using music as a canvas on which to draw our life stories and on which to share the happiness, the hopes and the frustrations of our shared humanity. Dejhare’s vision is to use her music to reach out to people on a very personal level. She believes that music can unite us; music can heal us; and music can bring hope and a voice to us all. Through music, we can hear the voices of the silent and listen to the stories of the unheard. Because whatever our beliefs and aspirations, we all share common desires – to love and to be loved, to succeed in what we do, and to matter.

Like A Fool is the track from Dejhare’s EP “Lovescape”. The song speaks about the frustration, resentment, and anxiety of a toxic one-sided relationship with someone who is selfish, manipulative and is holding you back. It portrays the dark feeling of entrapment and incapacitation one feels in such a relationship, and the helplessness that grows from the desire but inability to walk away from the relationship despite knowing full well the harm of staying.

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