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Anthony Turk Cannon is a Smooth Jazz Saxophonist, playing the Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Soprano Saxophone. Anthony has written 12 original songs that are full of Funk Grooves and slick jazz licks. Anthony has played concerts written songs with with some of the biggest Smooth Jazz artist in the country – Guitarist Adam Hawley – Bassist Roberto Vally -Keyboardist Dawoud Said -Drummer Carl C-Man Anderson -Guitarist NILS – Bassist Gary Granger – Saxophonist Mindy Abair – Drummer Tony Moore – Bassist Darryl Williams – Keyboardist Christ Fischer – Producer Matthew Shell – to name a few. My music is heart felt which is intended to make you sit back and enjoy love and joy you hear with every note on my saxophone.

My inspiration comes from many great musicians, but the most meaningful influences have been Grover Washington Jr, David Sanborn, Dexter Gordon, Nelson Rangell and the late great, Art Porter. I aspire to model myself after these accomplished musicians, as their bodies of work and artistic integrity motivate me to be diligently dedicated to this art.

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