From Spotify Artist ALADAG Listen to the amazing song: Levent

Aladag is a dreamer and a doer. For a long time his main focus was being a director, writer, and producer in the film industry. Bringing visions from the mind to the screen, has shaped a life centered around the process of creation.
However, music has been a constant companion on his journey, from the earliest beginnings – starting to DJ at age 13 and producing at 14 – to co-writing and co-producing multiple German Gold and Platinum records, until today, where he awarded the musical muse the lead role in his life once again.

He is also a river born from multiple confluences. His Turkish roots, him growing up in Stuttgart’s Hip-Hop scene and later finding a new home in Berlin’s Techno clubs, all within a family (both biological and chosen) which lives and breathes creativity, has blended a colorful tincture that is so clearly audible in his first release, the “Picture: Aladag” on Diynamic.

Playing with opposites, crossing boundaries and searching within. A deeply introverted human who is daring to bring his emotions to light. For Aladag, music is a connector between souls and the hero of his journey.

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