“ Fill My Heart ” by VORDLO

Vordlo wears many hats in the music world. He’s a member of 10GRM, a dynamic DJ Duo known for their electrifying performances. He’s also a member of Off N Weird, a vibrant Art & Music Collective that thrives on blending creativity and innovation that fuses art and bass into something magical. Also, by managing Dirty Rotten Basstards, a Bass Music Event, he’s been shaking the ground with his hard heavy wubs and basslines. He is also the Owner and Founder of D’min Studio where he shares his expertise in Music Production and DJing with aspiring talents, helping them making their career in music. He’s not just a great musician, he’s a mentor.

Even after contributing so much to the Music Industry, Vordlo remains a humble soul, appreciated and respected by all who cross his path. In Vordlo’s world, music isn’t just sound, but a journey from Classical to Bass Drops. And through it all, he stays humble, the kind of artist people cherish.

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